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At Frontline Electrical Suppliers, we encourage our customers to use resources efficiently. We recognize that climate change is a real issue, and constructively aim to address this issue while creating a healthier environment for our society.

We supply a wide range of energy saving products, and in so doing we give our customers the option to embrace renewable energy solutions. We also advise our customers on which products to use in order to save more energy, be it for home, office or property developments.

Our energy saving products include LED lights, compact fluorescent lamps, energy efficient light fittings, heating systems and fans. We invite our customers to contact us to learn more about how we can assist them in achieving the best solution for their needs.

At Frontline Electrical Suppliers, we encourage all of our customers to practice a greener way of life.


Circuit breakers

Distribution boards

Timers & daylight switches

Wire & cables

Cable securing & jointing

Conduit, trunking & accessories

Switches, sockets, dimmers

& plugs

Switch control gear &

industrial products

Instruments, tools,

markers &  Brother tape

Lighting, bulbs & accessories

Industrial fans & heaters

Renewable Energy

(021) 851 5907

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