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Industrial fans & heaters

We stock brands such as AMS (Air Movement Supplies), Vortice, Xpelair, AEG and Salton to provide our customers with the best heating and cooling solutions for both home and business.

Our products include a range of heaters, panel heaters, bottom heaters, extractor fans, desk fans, pedestal fans and ceiling fans.

We provide you with the best heating & cooling

solutions for your home or business.


Circuit breakers

Distribution boards

Timers & daylight switches

Wire & cables

Cable securing & jointing

Conduit, trunking & accessories

Switches, sockets, dimmers

& plugs

Switch control gear &

industrial products

Instruments, tools,

markers &  Brother tape

Lighting, bulbs & accessories

Industrial fans & heaters

Renewable Energy

(021) 851 5907

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